Circular KeyKegs and UniKegs at the Mikkeller beer festival
The Dutch Beer Tasting Festival is the opening event of the Week of Dutch Beer and is organized by the trade association ‘Dutch Breweries'. The trade association worked with OneCircle.
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Circular KeyKegs and UniKegs at the Mikkeller beer festival
Thanks to the collaboration between Mikkeller and OneCircle, the KeyKegs and UniKegs at the festival can be reprocessed into raw materials for new kegs.
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Minimizing carbon footprint through smart logistics
As soon as sufficient bales of KeyKegs have been produced, the most efficient routes will be calculated using smart logistics software.
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Family business keeping plastic beverage kegs out of landfill  
WDS Group and KeyKeg are to kick-start a closed-loop recycling programme for KeyKegs for the North of England.
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Zythos beer festival and OneCircle to collect used KeyKegs
Zythos, the organizer and Belgian beer consumer association, will collect all KeyKegs at the festival in collaboration with OneCircle. 
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Empty KeyKegs collected at Bruges Beer Festival
During the Bruges Beer Festival, Lightweight Containers and OneCircle collected the empty KeyKegs. The hundreds of kegs will be processed into raw materials for making new KeyKegs.
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New KeyKegs made partly from used KeyKegs
Every base cup (bottom) is entirely made from recycled material. This material has come from other sources than KeyKegs. Today, some of these raw materials are being replaced by raw material from used KeyKegs.
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London prevents landfill from plastic beverage kegs
First Mile have teamed up with KeyKeg and OneCircle to create a circular programme which recycles plastic kegs, turning them into new, useable plastic kegs. 
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What determines the environmental impact of a keg?
Today many kinds of packaging are harming nature and our living environments. Fortunately, there are some forms of packaging with less impact than others. 
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Bateman’s and OneCircle are building a circular economy for KeyKegs
For two months now, Bateman’s Brewery in England has been collecting used KeyKegs, a service that has met with enthusiasm. 
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OneCircle places baling machines across the UK in support of its circular programme
OneCircle places baling machines in England to support its collection of KeyKeg in market. Active members of the KeyKeg collection community in the UK collect and process the KeyKegs to ensure the materials are reused.
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The difference between ‘recyclable’ and ‘circular’ materials
All manufacturers of plastic kegs claim that their kegs are ‘recyclable’, often 100% recyclable. But what does that really mean? What’s the difference between recyclable kegs and kegs with a circular design?
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England taxes plastic packaging
The British government is going to charge an additional plastic packaging tax on plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled plastic.
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OneCircle processes KeyKegs from the London Craft Beer Festival
A lot of perfectly tapped beer at the festival also means a lot of empty KeyKegs. 'We are Beer'  called on OneCircle for the many hundreds of used KeyKegs.
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